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​​​​​"Melanie has done an awesome job of staging our show home here at Luna Homes, in fact I think she does TOO good a job because no matter how many other suites  are available everyone wants to buy the show suite because it looks SO good."  Sonia Wood  


II needed help! Recently we unexpectedly purchased a new home "thus necessitating the need to sell the one we had been living in for 20 years as quickly as possible. To accomplish this our Realtor suggested that Melanie might be able to give us a few helpful tips. She was fantastic, gently suggesting that we just move a chair, table, lamp or ornament from one spot to another and viola our house sold quickly to the first viewer.

Likewise, she visited us at our new location and since we had downsized a bit, again, she helped us arrange the furniture etc. in an attractive  way and made suggestions for new paint colours for when we're ready to make a change.  She has a unique ability to use your existing furniture and trimmings to create a very eye appealing and usable setting without the need to purchase new items.  She was extremely helpful in suggesting the placement of our various pieces of artwork.  I would highly recommend Melanie's talents for that look that we all desire.  Florine Lint   

II met Melanie Young through a neighbor when I came to a decorating standstill after moving into my new townhouse in British Columbia. I realized I needed a professional perspective for colour selection and furniture and picture placement to make my house my home.  Melanie and I have been working together over the past several months, during which time I found her to be very professional, friendly and easy to work with.  Her ability to listen to my likes and dislikes, upgrade them and then visualize the finished product (aka my home) is extraordinary.  Melanie placed my existing furniture, used many of my framed artwork and suggested colours and enhancements.

 In addition, Melanie gave me many resources and contacts as well as much encouragement when I needed it.  I readily recommend Melanie as both a planner and a decorator. Lynn Tufford

I offer my clients complimentary staging when they list their home for sale. Melanie meets with my them, makes recommendations and if necessary, assists them with the changes. My clients love her, and many will hire her when they move into their new homes just to help them organize, give suggestions on paint colours, lighting and arrangement of furniture. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone needing assistance in all areas of staging, design and decor.  Carolyn Carson

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